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Moving Checklist

For your convenience we have put together this moving checklist. We have also made it available in various formats including html, word doc, and txt file. If you want to download the word doc or text file right click on the link and save as to a location on your computer

Moving Checklist in Microsoft Word Doc (click here)

Moving Checklist in TXT file format (click here)

Below is the html version of the Moving Checklist


___ boxes marked ___ food at new home ___ kids toys at new home ___ room layout designed ___ items wrapped

___ mail forwarded ___ friends & family notified ___ got new doctor(s) ___ phone service relocated ___ gas service

___ electric service ___ cable service ___ new school ___ old home cleaned ___ locked old home doors

___ pets at new home ___ after school programs transfered ___ secured a babysitter ___ new job

___ new home layout ___ bathroom necessities within reach ___ emergency money in pocket